Property Management

Our property management is performed through TreeWater Property Management, which is a separate entity of the John Allen Group, of which I am a part of. We have the experience to handle everything because we have managed our own properties in multiple states and have obtained multiple licenses and certifications (not all were maintained so we could focus on customer service) to enhance our own wealth building capability.

A bullet list will help you understand that our team has the experience to get things done:
1. HOA creation and management
2. Managed 1-4 and 5+ properties
3. General B contractor
a. HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical certifications
4. Certified mold inspector
5. FHA/HUD 203K Construction consultant
6. Manage renovation projects
7. Systemize everything to be highly efficient
8. Maintenance staff on call for emergencies
9. Electronic banking, collection, and payments
a. with automated reports and access online so you can review your
accounts any time day or night.
10. Lease-up, evictions, collections, etc.
11. Hard money brokerage
12. Construction loans
13. Private loans
14. Commercial loans
15. 203K loans

We have literally done it all and provide that expertise to you so you have peace of mind and can stay at home to collect rent checks

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